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Residential and commercial furnace

No matter your furnace size or what kind of condition it's in, you can trust Integrity Heating & Air Conditioning Inc to take care of your commercial and residential furnace needs.

Get commercial and residential work for any of our services


Professional Furnace Repairs

Is it time for a new furnace? Don't settle for any less than professional service with excellent workmanship for your installation.


Making sure equipment is properly sized when doing an installation requires a great amount of attention to detail. Integrity Heating & Air Conditioning Inc will provide you with a well-fitting product wherever it needs to be installed!

Sign a maintenance contract

At least 60% of errors with systems are due to improperly sized heating or AC equipment. We properly size equipment to avoid errors and malfunction!

If you want to ensure your furnace stays clean and functional on a year-to-year basis, consider a maintenance contract! We have 1, 2, and 3 year maintenance contracts available.

Comprehensive furnace services

  • Furnace repairs

  • Maintenance

  • Furnace sizing

  • Furnace sales - Armstrong Furnaces

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